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Belinda Head
Physical-ease Recovery Clinic


Hi, I’m Belinda Head and I am the Managing Director of Physical-ease Recovery Clinic. My team and I are committed to bringing the community of the Yass Valley excellence Pilates instruction. All of our instructors have trained at the Pilates International Training Centre (PITC) the only institution to offer an Advanced Diploma in the Pilates Method. If you are looking for a safe and supportive environment to restore mobility, increase strength, rebuild confidence and improve quality of life, and you insist on well qualified and professional Pilates instruction, call the Yass Health Clinic today to book your assessment. From there we will work with you to help you achieve your goals.

We’re looking forward to working with you.

Physical-ease Recovery Clinic provides a range of Pilates programs including Studio Pilates, Reformer classes, mat classes and Buff Bones, a program specifically for people with osteopenia or osteoporosis.

So what can Pilates do for you?

Well in a nutshell it will strengthen your core muscles, increase your mobility and get your body moving better; reducing pain and stiffness.

What classes will we offer?

Studio Pilates is often used in the rehabilitation of clients post-operation; athletes who are looking for a cross training program that strengthens and lengthens the body’s musculature; and older clients who are keen to get strong and stay strong so they can continue to keep up with grandchildren and great-grandchildren; keep up with the physical demands of running businesses and farms; and continue to live a quality and independent lifestyle into their senior years.

Mat Classes are a terrific way to give your body some great exercise, isolating specific muscle groups to work the core, articulate the spine and increase strength and mobility of whole body.

Reformer Classes are for the Pilates client who is also looking for a strong cardio workout. Sweat out your day in the office on our beautify state of the art Balance Body Reformers.

Together these three practitioners are committed to bringing you the very best in Pilates studio and mat workouts and they want to hear from you. They are serious about providing the Yass community with a full-service Pilates Studio with a great range of exercise options.


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